Five Excellent Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Five Excellent Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

Five Excellent Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

With increasing inflation and swelling home sale prices, some homeowners opt to renovate rather than purchase a new house. Even those preferring to sell desire to maximize their earnings. Some remodeling undertakings offer small returns on investment (ROI), though. Discover which projects our home remodeling contractor in Orlando states can deliver the best worth for the funds spent, whether you want to sell or remain in your home.

Replace your garage door

A garage door is usually the first house feature that guests notice. For those desiring to revamp their house's curb appeal, the price to replace a garage door is reasonably low—expect to pay around $4,000 and receive a desirable ROI of almost 94 percent. That means homeowners, on average, will recoup a considerable percentage of the funds they spend to replace the door. In addition, a modernized garage door makes the residence more appealing to potential buyers in pictures and drive-by glances.

Make your bathroom accessible

Older Americans are deciding to stay at home longer, a trend known as 'aging in place.' This indicates that the market for accessible homes is on the rise. So if somebody in your family will profit from an accessibility promotion, think wider doors and hallways, lever-style knobs, and recessed entryways—this is an excellent year to do so. Not only will you enhance the quality of life for a household member with mobility problems, but you could also discover a nearly 60 percent return on investment.

Install a deck addition

Improved outdoor living and entertainment spaces rate at the top of numerous home buyers' wish lists, so if you've been craving a new deck, this is an ideal year to make those fantasies come true. Well-designed patios are top selling points, and you can recoup nearly 65 percent of the capital you spend on a new composite patio. Wood decks, like cedar or redwood, are even more favored, netting homeowners an average of over 65 percent ROI.

Install fiber cement siding

Older houses with painted wood siding are a maintenance problem, and possible buyers know it. Substituting the old siding with new fiber-cement siding delivers protection from decay and insect infestations. Plus, fiber-cement siding is available in a wide variety of baked-on colors. It runs an average of nearly $20,000 to have your home's siding elevated to fiber cement, leaning on the size of your house. But when the residence sells, you can discover a nearly 70 percent return on your investment.

Replace your entry door

If your house's shabby, dilapidated entry door is a visible bummer, pencil in a contemporary steel doorway at the top of your renovation list. Not only will a new doorway freshen up your house's facade, but you'll recoup a vast 65 percent of your acquisition if you later sell your home. Of course, solid-wood entry doors are as attractive as steel, but a steel door delivers the most protection and the best ROI.

Consider these ways to boost your home's value and contact us today if you need a home remodeling contractor in Orlando. We are here for you!

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