Six Reasons To Renovate Instead of Buying a New House

Six Reasons To Renovate Instead of Buying a New House

Six Reasons To Renovate Instead of Buying a New House

Not everybody is deceived by the argument that the grass is always greener on the other side. Given the opportunity to make changes to their home or opt for a new one, almost 80 percent of Americans would rather renovate than spend their savings on a down payment. And it's no surprise that homeowners take advantage of the opportunity to renovate.

Remodeling is often viewed as the best way to get everything you desire in a house, from the perfect kitchen setup to the immense closets you crave. If you're attempting to choose whether to remodel or sell, our home remodeling contractor in Orlando offers these reasons to contemplate remodeling instead of purchasing a new house.

You can enjoy the updates

When you prep your house for sale, your real estate broker might recommend updates — from minor fixes to a significant overhaul — that help improve your home's worth. But instead of making updates before placing your home on the market in hopes of increasing your return on investment, evaluate remodeling now to enhance your quality of life at home.

You're emotionally connected

How can you conceivably sell the home you raised your children in when the lines indicating their heights at various ages are still in your kitchen doorway, and you can still envision them taking their first steps across the family room floor? Yet, occasionally the recollections are too pleasing to go, at least for now. In this circumstance, it may be more suitable to remodel a couple of rooms than reluctantly market your house.

You have the money to renovate

If you have sufficient cash in the bank to finance your planned renovations without taking out a loan, you don't have to be worried about higher monthly payments or increasing interest rates. For older homeowners with ample savings, an improved residence with no further debt is all the more attractive.

You're making the property safer

Whether you just purchased your fixer-upper or have lived there a couple of decades, it might be time to repair some dated systems and guarantee your residence keeps you secure and healthy. Ponder having experts check for aging electrical wiring, dated heating systems, and damp areas that may cause mold. Before you pay money renovating for decorative reasons, the number one thing you should focus on is upkeep and repair.

You skip the cost of moving

Moving is costly when you factor in the price to make updates, put your home on the market, pay closing fees and then finance a move. The cost of moving even a brief stretch can rise quickly if you hire full-service movers, and it can still be expensive for just a moving van rental. Particularly if you're anticipating a modest net gain on your home, the additional relocation cost may not be worth it.

Renovations build more equity

If you've only lived in your house a few years and have a mortgage, your home equity might be minimal. Consequently, you wouldn't earn much from selling your home. Instead, you have the chance to strategically enhance your home with tasks that can increase its worth. For example, a new roof, a master suite expansion, or a kitchen renovation can all be critical changes that will make your home more alluring down the line. But be cautious not to over-improve. For example, A swimming pool in a community where no other homes have one doesn't add much worth.

These are just some reasons to renovate instead of buying a new home. Contact us today for a home remodeling contractor in Orlando. We are here to help!

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