Unusual Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Unique

Unusual Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Unique

Unusual Renovation Ideas to Make Your Home Unique

Most people remember the excitement they felt when they bought their first home. Whether you had your home built or purchased an existing property, there was usually at least one defining feature that made it feel like home. Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando offers the following unusual remodeling ideas most people do not consider that can make a home stand out from the others and be more unique.

Kitchen ideas

Vertical herb gardens

If you have someone in the household who loves cooking, you might consider bringing healthy natural ingredients directly where they will use them: inside the home. For example, indoor herb gardens can help produce fresh herbs all year long and purify your home's air while providing a beautiful look in your kitchen.

Hidden and pop-up electrical plugs.

Electrical outlets can be a distraction with the beautiful countertop surfaces and specialty backsplashes available today. However, many clever innovators provide an alternative to ugly outlets with hidden or pop-up electrical outlets. These waterproof outlets can stay hidden from sight when they are not being used to provide a more streamlined look to your kitchen area. A light touch on the top exposes your pop-up outlets with charging USB portals and power when needed. Spill-proof gaskets keep moisture out, and a selection of brass, black, off-white, or stainless steel finishes can be used to match any household decor. These are also available in floor pop-up styles to keep a natural look with your hardwood floors.

Double or dual drawer dishwashers

Nothing is more convenient for cleaning up your kitchen than a dishwasher. A dual one is even better. However, if everyone in your family is on a different dining schedule, or you have a small family, it likely takes days before you have a whole load of dishes to run in your dishwasher. Double drawer models provide ample space for bowls, plates, glasses, and flatware and can be used separately. This saves money and time as you don't have to run half-full dishwashers, and unloading goes much faster.

Unique bathroom updates

Doorless walk-in showers

If you hate cleaning soap residue off of shower doors or feel claustrophobic when closing them, it may be time to open your bathroom up by creating a doorless shower area. This trendy bathroom design transforms how your shower looks and how you use it. First, consider including a rain showerhead or a showerhead placed strategically with a high curb to keep water from leaving the room. Then, with no more doors to darken your space, you should choose a light-colored ceramic tile to reflect any ambient light and coordinate with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Slide away steps

If the little people in your home struggle to reach the sink to get a drink of water or brush their teeth, you may consider helping them out with a slide-away step hidden under your vanity. This step hides in your toe kick and easily comes out to give extra height while hiding away when not in use.

These are just a few of the unusual renovation ideas a home remodeling contractor can help you achieve. Contact us today for further information.

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