Remodeling Your Kitchen in Six Easy Steps

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Six Easy Steps

Remodeling Your Kitchen in Six Easy Steps

Whoever said a kitchen has to be ugly or less attractive than other parts of your home was wrong. and it’s never wrong to want to add some finesse to your kitchen and a well-planned and designed meal preparation room brings additional beauty and aesthetics to your home. So now that you’ve made up your mind to remodel your kitchen, where do you start?

Taking on a kitchen remodeling project is a fun, yet the task can be daunting with the myriad of ideas that immediately start popping into one’s head. The first challenge is often where to start? Some home owners may choose to look at the kitchen appliances, while others may use Pinterest and other platforms to collect inspiring photos for their soon-to-be-transformed kitchen.

Others may decide to make the whole kitchen more spacious, while some just want to overhaul the current design in totality. Whatever your reasons are, once you have decided after pondering your options for a while, here are six easy steps to remodel your kitchen from collecting design ideas, construction and final touches.

1. Prioritize needs over design

The first step to an efficient remodeling plan is to decide and conclude on what you need. Some folks already have enough equipment, but the layout of the kitchen makes arrangement and utilizations of these appliances challenging. In this step, you will want to determine all your kitchen needs and find a layout that efficiently matches up to your lifestyle.

Also, weigh in more significant factors like the size of the family, how many people will be cooking in the space, the size of that new oven you’re buying next year, the distance and positioning of items, safety and so on. Prioritizing doesn’t condemn your kitchen to being ugly, its only ideal that you put functionality first, after all, what’s the use of a beautiful kitchen if you can’t conveniently cook in it.

2. Research and Planning

Once you have carefully outlined the needs and aim for your modelling, the next thing is to have a well laid-out scope of work. Begin formulating your plan and research; evaluate some of your researched ideas for how it fits into your own design approach.

Do a little homework on the cost of implementing some ideas against your own budget and have a detailed plan on how long you want the project to wrong and the likely inconveniences that may arise. Bear in mind that you may not be able to take a conclusive step on the timing until you consult with a professional.

3. Bring in the Pros

Some might ponder the need for a professional as they are already thinking of the remodeling process as a DIY project. It’s quite encouraging and interesting to take on projects such as these on your own, but the truth is simply that even if you are going all DIY all your remodeling project, you will eventually bring in a home remodeling contractor in Orlando at a point, except of course, you will be doing all the plumbing, electrical or furniture work.

A professional will be required for building kitchen cabinets to match the finish you have chosen for the surfaces, running or rewiring of electric sockets and so on. A professional will be very important to the success of the project with many experienced inputs. They will also be able to aid in getting design accuracy, contracts and permits, space planning, finishing, quoting and much more. A home remodeling contractor in Orlando will also give you a realistic time frame, work on your budget, screen out excesses and even help you set up a provisional arrangement for a kitchen while your project is in execution.

4. Schematics

Although folks can quickly get carried away with visualizing and wanting to know what the finished kitchen will look like. This forth phase is highly important as it embodies several sketching, planning of space, floor plans, evaluations, cupboards, cabinets, utensils and layout for kitchen appliances. You will need to understand measurement, spacing and size of each equipment in meters compared to the total room you have.

Like earlier mentioned in phase 1, it is important to have a practical and functional design and having a detailed schematic design will be instrumental in achieving that. If you are not able to have a professional schematic design done on your own, higher a few contractors early on, and receive feedbacks, estimates and drawings to keep you rightly guided.

5. Plan finishes and fixture specifications

This is where you bring in your extensively researched and day-dreamed designs to life. Dig into and bring your saved design ideas into play. Once you’ve concluded on the style you want for kitchen, you probably know the theme. After deciding whether to sport a classic, traditional, modern or cottage style kitchen, and picking among the options of a natural wood kitchen, multicolor design or white kitchen the next step is to make a final selection of the finish and fittings.

While the exact finishes may be varied, decisions will typically need to be made for the countertop materials, cabinet material type, door style, color and finish. The kitchen sink, faucet, taps, utensils and racks as well as flooring, lighting, backsplash, decorations, walls and other appliances choices will also need to be decided.

6. The Work phase – Hire a remodeling contractor in Orlando

DIY or no DIY, once you have gathered all the information and concluded on your personal preferences, the last phase of the remodeling is to begin the modelling itself on the physical level. Depending on the amount of professionality and perfection you are expecting, you should get in touch with a home remodeling contractor in Orlando to help see the job to completion with a professional touch.

Since the job is to be done in your home, be sure to monitor the progress and feel free to discuss with the home remodeling contractor in Orlando if one or two things aren’t shaping up as you envisioned. If you elect to take a DIY approach, it is important that you still consult with a home remodeling contractor in Orlando and ensure that adequate safety measures are being employed.

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