4 Top Trending Flooring Designs

4 Top Trending Flooring Designs

4 Top Trending Flooring Designs

Throughout the years, homeowners blend to the flooring trends as they change, and new ones come into fashion. This affords them the taste of technology and a wide array of flooring designs for their remodeling project.

Flooring finishes spanning from ebony to driftwood have become quite popular. Another trend that could undoubtedly endure a long term is the act of allowing flooring imperfections like knots and mineral streaks to function as part of the aesthetics and help create a more natural feel.

It is still a big year for faux flooring, tiles that look exactly like wood which will bring excitement and the new trend to you. In a bid to be more specific about the flooring design for your remodeling project, here are the top four trending flooring design.

1. Fumed Wood Flooring- Stronger Grain and Color.

Nearly all types of wood flooring pass through some kinds of staining to extend to them the desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring has its rich grain and color without being stained. Instead, the wood is made to undergo a process dubbed fuming.

The final look looks more appealing and luxurious than the offer you can get with a stained wood flooring. Not all home remodeling contractors in Orlando have specialization on fumed wood flooring design.

Check with the contractor you’re using for your home renovation will make your expectations and safety become a reality.

2. Blanched and Bleached Woods.

If you are like some folks who hate the glossy brown stains of most wooden floors, the softer white-washed appeal of a bleached level is a great taste that would do more than meet your desire.

Blanching gives the wood an ashy white-washed appeal and still make visible underneath the natural wood grain. Thus, you would not miss the beauty and charm of natural beauty plugged into another style.

3. Distressed Wood and Concrete Tiles.

Although this design has been around for quite a while, it became popular recently. And guess what? Next year, more homeowners will opt in for this luxury in their home.

Distressed flooring works best for spaces where you desire a beautiful rustic look. Well, if the wood flooring isn't your take, distressed concrete is an increasingly popular flooring design you can opt-in for. Distressed concrete just like distressed wood can be incorporated into most types of decors but will fit the best contemporary and modern homes.

4. Textured Tiles.

I'm sure you are familiar with shiny and smooth porcelain tiles- This descriptive term relegates them to practical use rather than decorative uses. But interestingly, you can add a unique styling twist to one of the spaces in your home with the list of porcelain tiles.

The design comes with a new look, and it is devoid of the polished sheen and natural glasslike smoothness. You can't afford to miss this luxury. The material creatively has been designed to look similar to other material both in look and textures. In fact, you can install porcelain floor tiles that look like natural stones. Interestingly, this style and manipulated tiles can produce an endless variety to design your home with.

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