Top 7 Decoration Ideas For 2018

Top 7 Decoration Ideas For 2018

Top 7 Decoration Ideas For 2018

The first month of the year 2018 just flew past us. We are slowly beginning to ease into the new year. This might be the best time for you to consider making some decorative changes to your home. Time to do away with the oldies and usher in the newbies.

Here are some fun ideas you might want to consider:

1. The White Kitchen

This is one way to make your kitchen the brightest part of your home. Research has shown that all-white kitchens have a way of improving the mood of those in it. This bit of information is fitting since no wants to eat or cook in a gloomy environment. You can discuss with your home remodeling contractor in Orlando to help you choose the right scheme and accessories.

2. Green House Effect

By replacing your furniture, painting, door frames and upholstery with bright green versions, you will be showing off your support for the earth's ecosystem and at the same time adding freshness and vitality to your home. If you are feeling up to it, you should also plant green trees and small plants outside and around your home.

3. Word Play House

Lovers of poetry would love this little tip. This idea involves the use of signs, pillows, doormats and paint strokes to deliver touching quotes about family, love, and life. While this may not be placing too much emphasis on beauty, the words you choose can still be just as engaging and adorable.

4. Brass it up

The use of brass for decorative purposes never gets old. Its bright shine and smooth texture make it a must-have in any exotic apartment. You could transform the handles of your kitchen cabinets, living room furniture and lamp stands into ones made of brass metal. This gives your home that regal and exotic atmosphere.

5. The Furniture Curve

There is something about irregular lines that just grabs the attention of an onlooker. Rather than have a collection of old furniture with straight and uniform edges, why not go for something new and impressive. Just like the furniture trend of the '70s, you can remodel your furniture collection by taking out the old ones and replacing them with furniture with quirky curves that liven up the room.

6. Flowery Abode

Flowers don't necessarily have to be feminine. When properly organized, flower print items can be casual and Interesting. Mixing up florals with organic textures and neutral palette creates an atmosphere of elegance. If you feel your use of flower decorations may be too risky, you can try limiting your decorations to the bedrooms.

7. Black and White

Yes. You could also do it penguin style. Give your home that classic look by combining black and white paints, furniture, floors, and ceilings. You could even go as far as trying out this theory with your linens. It works magic too.

And that concludes our journey into the possible decorations you could try out before the year runs out. Having to redecorate or remodel your home could be difficult and time-consuming. But with the best home remodeling contractor in Orlando, you could have everything done in no time at all. Choose CFL Renovations for your next decoration project.

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