Creating a Senior-friendly Home

Creating a Senior-friendly Home

Creating a Senior-friendly Home

Many seniors are choosing to stay in their own homes as they grow older. Running up and down the stairs might have been easy when younger, but it becomes harder with age. Seniors often find that they need to use mobility devices, making stair climbing harder if not impossible. Others find that they will spend the rest of their lives using a wheelchair to navigate the world. If you or a senior that you love are facing or will soon be facing some of these challenges, then it may be time to hire a home remodeling contractor in Orlando.

Widen Doorways

If the senior needs to use a wheelchair inside their home, then it is essential that doorways be at least 20-inches wide. In most cases, even wider is better because the senior is less likely to bump their arms on the doorframes when trying to get through. This job unusually requires the rebuilding of doorways and new drywall. Then, painting or wallpapering needs to give the room an airy feeling.

Create Accessible Seating

It is also imperative that seniors have many places that they can sit to rest. If the senior is the family cook, then think about lowering cabinets and countertops to make them more accessible. If they will need to use a wheelchair or an electric scooter, then each room needs to contain an open square measuring at least five feet across. Therefore, rooms may need combining or creating a more open floorplan created.

Single-story Living

Many seniors struggle to climb upstairs, and a fall can have deadly consequences. Therefore, it is often necessary to have a ramp built so that the senior can enter their home easily. Additionally, it may also be essential to turn part of the first floor into a bedroom for the senior. Consider leaving as much space in the room as possible for added medical equipment, like oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, and bedside commodes that the senior may need in the future. These changes may require you to build an addition onto the home if space is not currently available.

Bathroom Safety

One of the most dangerous places in any home for seniors is the bathroom. If you anticipate the senior needing to use a wheelchair in the future, make it easy to get from the doorway to the commode. Additionally, think about eliminating the bathtub by installing a barrier-free shower. You need plenty of grab bars allowing the senior to feel secure when getting up and sitting down. At least one bathroom on the main floor should be a full bath.

While you may need to get a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, like CFL Renovations, to make changes to your home, it will be worth it in the long run. Statistics show that seniors who live at home have a much higher quality of life.



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