Looking for an Investment: Remodel Your Kitchen

Looking for an Investment: Remodel Your Kitchen

Looking for an Investment: Remodel Your Kitchen

If you are looking to spend money on your home where it will bring you the most return, then put a kitchen remodeling project at the top of your list. In a survey across 134 United States metropolitan areas, homeowners could expect to recoup between 59 and 84 percent of the money that they invested. Meanwhile, they got to enjoy all the luxuries of living in a home with an updated kitchen. If you are going to work with a home remodeling contractor in Orlando to remodel your kitchen, then you need to consider which style fits your home and lifestyle the best. Here are six possible kitchen style suggestions.

Country Farmhouse

Harkening back to an earlier era, the country farmhouse style invites your family to come sit for a spell. This style embraces a mix of different furniture and appliance styles, so there is no need for anything to match. Choose bright primary colors but tone them down a bit by incorporating some neutral colors into your kitchen.


Exotic woods that clearly show their grain are often used in cabinetry in the modern kitchen. This style also embraces floating kitchen shelves. Often kitchen cabinets are only used on the bottom to give a minimalistic flair. Stainless steel appliances are often used.


If you love flea-market finds, then this may be the perfect style for you. The relaxing vibe of a cottage kitchen may be perfect if you love entertaining in your kitchen. This style usually uses a soft color palette. The major emphasis is on creating a calm atmosphere that is perfect for cooking in after a long day at work or running errands. Consider using iron pots as accent pieces.


Contemporary kitchens have a wonderful blend of old and new. Consider pairing dark cupboards with white appliances. Complete the look with a subtle flooring choice. A center kitchen island with chrome pub-style seating offers a nice dining option or a place to visit with friends while cooking. Add some a bright splash of red or tangerine by either creating a colorful backsplash or using brightly colored accessories.


Mediterranean kitchens are elegant, classy and timeless. Choose a color palette inspired by spending time in the sun. Incorporate curves into many surfaces in your cooking area. Consider getting hand-painted mosaic tiles installed on the floor or use them as a backsplash. You may even want to consider having some framed and put them on your kitchen wall as art.

Regardless of what style you choose for your kitchen remodel, call CFL Renovations at (386) 218-5455. They have the experience to turn your dreams into reality when you hire them to be your home remodeling contractor in Orlando. They are willing to listen to your ideas and follow your dreams. Get your project started today by calling them right now.

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