3 Short-term Rental Trends to Consider

3 Short-term Rental Trends to Consider

3 Short-term Rental Trends to Consider

If you are thinking of turning your investment property into a short-term rental for people visiting Orlando, then there are some trends that you will want to keep in mind. Accentuating these trends will allow you to produce more income by attracting more guests to your property. Here are some trends that you need to consider before calling a home remodeling contractor in Orlando.

Design With Millennials in Mind

Staying in short-term rentals is the preference for many millennials who are opting not to stay in chain hotels. As a whole, these people care very deeply about the environment, so consider green designs like reducing energy use and conserving water. Make sure to maximize the amount of natural light getting into your investment property along with using white roofs to keep buildings cooler naturally. You may also want to maximize the amount of outdoor space available for guests to enjoy.

Accentuate History

Another short-term investment property trend that you will want to consider is repurposing history. It is not always necessary for the property to have unique historical value to take advantage of this trend. Instead, consider if you can use vintage wallpaper, furniture and other options to make a property look like it did much earlier. Be careful, however, to not get so carried away that you do not offer guests some modern luxuries. This trend is particularly popular in Orlando’s oldest neighborhoods, like the Lake Cherokee Historic District, the Downtown area and around Lake Lawsona. There is still plenty of opportunities to expand into other unique Orlando neighborhoods. For example, you might accentuate the beautiful garden settings around Lake Apopka by offering short-term rentals with lovely garden settings. You may even qualify for some grant money from the Florida Division of Historical Resources and others making this a very viable option.

Consider Mixed-Use Developments

There are many neighborhoods in Orlando where a mixed-used building may be the perfect answer. For example, you may want to consider developing a small mixed-use property in Thorton Park by providing space for a European-style restaurant or an art gallery in the front and a short-term rental in the back. Another area where you may want to consider this type is the Milk District where you could put a vintage clothing store in the front with a short-term rental in the back.

While there are many choices for short-term investment properties, one choice is incredibly easy. Hire CFL Renovations to be your home remodeling contractor in Orlando. Charles Semans brings over 30 years of experience to your project. You will love his professionalism, and he refuses to take less than the best from any of his team members. This veteran-owned business is ready to assist you with developing your short-term investment property ideas in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Give him a call today at (386) 218-5455.

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