The Top Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

The Top Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

The Top Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

Have you been looking at your old kitchen cabinets and considering an upgrade or renovation?  Now is the time.  There are currently many new kitchen cabinet trends that can give any kitchen a new, fresh look that'll last.  These cabinets combine both design and functionality to help you create the optimal storage space while still implementing a fresh and attractive design for your home.  As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we at CFL Renovations provide our clients with customizable kitchen cabinet options to help create the best and most attractive kitchen for their home.  Let's take a look at the top trends for your kitchen cabinet upgrade.

Bright and Bold Colors

Many people look to create a kitchen that is one-of-a-kind and unique.  Gone are the days of cookie cutter kitchens and one-fits-all cabinetry.  In order to make a bold and unique statement, people have been choosing bright colors for their cabinetry.  Sometimes, people choose different complementary colors for both upper and lower cabinetry in order to enhance the overall design.  Color is one of the most effective ways to stand out from the pack.

Open Shelving

Although many people enjoy storing their kitchen necessities behind closed doors, the concept of open shelving has become a hot trend lately.  Open shelving provides easy access to some of the more commonly used items, while it also provides a design aesthetic when organized properly.  You may need to be more thoughtful about what you choose to put on the open shelves, and you'll also want to be sure to keep it neat and tidy in order to avoid a cluttered appearance.  Open shelves offer a wide array of benefits for kitchens.

Clean Lines

A minimalism trend has been increasing in popularity recently.  White, clean lines and aesthetics have become a common choice for new kitchen renovations, for they provide homeowners with simple and elegant design options.  Many people love how this design makes it easy to keep their kitchens looking sparkly and tidy at all times.

Smart Technology

Technology enhances our lives, no matter where are are.  There are many smart devices that can help you function more efficiently in your kitchen, such as recipe helpers or music devices.  Because the kitchen is often the main hub of the household, many people opt to put in a device charging station to keep all smart technology fully charged and ready for each day.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing LED lighting in kitchens has become a popular and energy efficient way to add ambiance to their space.  Under the cabinet LED lighting has also become an addition to many kitchens.  Not only does it help create an attractive atmosphere, it also helps light up the space when you are working and preparing food on your countertops.  

These top trends for kitchen cabinets have all become wildly popular options for those wanting a fresh look for their kitchen renovation.  As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we work with our customer to meet all their needs throughout the entire kitchen renovation project.  This leaves customers feeling confident in our services and commitment to excellence for their project.  Contact us today to hear about our services and products.


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