Tips to Successfully Completing a New Office Build Out

Tips to Successfully Completing a New Office Build Out

Tips to Successfully Completing a New Office Build Out

If you have just completed construction or taken the procession of a new office building, then you probably have little more than four walls and a few doors. The next step is to fill it with the things that make your office unique and your employees efficient. You may be a little intimidated by the office build-out process, but here are some tips to keep in mind to make it a huge success.  

Share Windows

In the not so distant past, builders reserved windows for the executive suite. Today, scientists have proven that working in natural light makes a worker happier and more productive. Therefore, try to share as many windows between employees as possible. Additionally, do all that you can to let the light into the office. That may mean, however, that you must position workstations so that the light is not bouncing off computer screens or other surfaces.  

Leave Open Space

If you do not know what to put in a particular area, then leave the area open. Open spaces encourage more collaboration between employees who may not typically work together. In turn, this leads to people and departments recognizing the value of what each other does better. You naturally reduce clutter encouraging employees to feel better about their work environment and making them more productive. It also gives you room to expand as your company grows.  

Build Meeting Spaces

If you feel that you need to create a room, but you are unsure what its purpose is, then create a conference room. These rooms are great spaces for people to collaborate. Workers can quickly transform them into meeting or video-conferencing spaces. Make sure that you include as much technology in these spaces as your budget will allow because it will make the space more flexible.  

Think Green

There are many ways that you can make an area more energy-efficient during an office build-out. When choosing your office equipment, consider its efficiency. Think about having motion lights installed so that areas stay dark when no one is in them. Use a programmable thermostat to control the air conditioning when no one is at work.  

Consider Company Culture

Four different elements make up your company’s culture, and it is essential to consider each of them when designing your office. Make sure that the equipment that you choose meets the needs of your company and is easily accessible. Think about the lean process and eliminate as many steps as possible to get work accomplished. Place management in positions where they are easily accessible and where they can see what is going on regularly. Ponder how you can improve communication within your company.  

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