What To Do Before You Gut Your Home for a Remodel

What To Do Before You Gut Your Home for a Remodel

What To Do Before You Gut Your Home for a Remodel

Are you preparing your home to be remodeled?  You may be eager to start removing all of your existing furniture, walls, appliances, and anything that is in the way of your new changes.  However, it is smart to take a step back and consider the entire process before you dive in and start tearing things up.  As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we understand the process of gutting a home to make way for the new changes.  We are trained to recognize certain issues that a homeowner may not know to look for or may not know are there.  There are a few things you need to do before you start gutting your home to prepare for a remodel.

Have the Structure Inspected

Before you take a sledgehammer to any of your walls, you should always have your home inspected.  A professional should be consulted to make sure that you are not compromising the structural integrity of your home by removing walls or taking down structural components of the home.  Homeowners may not be able to see the issues that lie behind the walls, like electrical, pipes, HVAC, and more.  The last thing that you want is to be halfway through your gut job only to realize that you have major issues with your design.

Make Sure Your Design Works

When you renovate areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, you want to check to make sure that your design makes sense.  You need to have a certain amount of space between the counters in your kitchen and the appliances.  Also, you want to make sure that the flooring measurements are accurate for the space allocated.  These simple things are easy to overlook or assume.

Make Smart Choices for Resell

Even though you are likely not considering selling your home right now, you always want to consider what is selling in your area before you put money into your home.  Be smart about your renovation choices before you begin to avoid making costly mistakes if you need to sell your home years down the line.

Call the Professionals

Instead of taking on a large gut project yourself, you should consider hiring the professionals to take care of this for you.  Not only can this come with hidden costs that emerge throughout the process, but it can also be time-consuming and physical exerting when you do this on your own.  Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando will be able to get the job done quickly with their team of experts.  

If you are eager to start pulling apart your home and breaking down walls, consider these few things before you get started.  Gutting your home can be a messy and physically demanding job that should better be left to professionals.  Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando can assist you with the entire process of your remodel, including the gut job.  Contact us to hear about our remodeling services today.

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