5 Things to Think About When Creating an Extra Bedroom In Your Home

5 Things to Think About When Creating an Extra Bedroom In Your Home

5 Things to Think About When Creating an Extra Bedroom In Your Home

A lack of space is one of the most common reasons that families move to a new home. As a family continues to grow, the need for more space continues to grow. One of the biggest concerns about space is often the number of bedrooms. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to move to create more space for your family? What if there was another way where you could stay in your current home and add a bedroom?

In many cases, there's a practical solution just waiting for a contractor to take on. CFL Renovations is a trusted source for a home remodeling contractor in Orlando and will be happy to help answer any of your questions about adding an addition to your home.
Suppose you are considering creating an additional bedroom in your home. In that case, you must take the time and research all of the possible advantages and disadvantages of your options. Doing research will help clarify which options are practical and which ones don't make sense for your situation. Here are some issues to consider:

Type of addition needed

There are various options available for bedroom additions, and there is no standard way of doing this type of project. The options depend on the home's existing layout, HOA restrictions, local building codes, cost, individual needs, and other significant details. In most cases, though bedroom additions can fit into one of three categories.

  • Detached addition

If creating an additional bedroom within the home is not practical, it may be essential to consider making a detached addition that could serve as an apartment or an in-law suite.

  • Bump-out addition

When there's no existing space for a remodel to take place, an important thing to consider is a bump-out addition. This involves choosing an area of your home and pushing the wall out to create some extra space. Some of these additions or are as small as 4 or 5 feet. In comparison, others can extend 25 feet or more. The significant benefit of a bump-out is that you typically don't need to run any additional HVAC.

  • Existing space remodel

The easiest and most cost-effective method of adding a room to your house is to take an existing space and remodel it into a bedroom. This can work best with an unfinished space in a basement or an attic. It can also work when you have a home office or additional bonus room that doesn't get much use.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to be severely limited on what can be done and only have one of these options available to work for them. On the other hand, it can also be possible to have unlimited creative freedom and a relaxed budget to pursue whichever method you want. Regardless of the situation, it's vitally important that you take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and come up with a decisive plan of attack.

Cost factors

The cost of a bedroom addition is not cheap, but it needs to be carefully considered. Often adding a room addition can be justified by the increase in the value of your home. For example, if your addition plans include finishing off a basement or attic space, this should be completed for a few thousand dollars. However, when building a bump-out addition, you can expect to pay anywhere from 80 to 200 dollars per square foot. For a detached addition, the average runs closer to $25,000.

Legal issues

It is frustrating to put massive amounts of time and money into creating an additional bedroom only to discover that it doesn't qualify as a bedroom because of specific codes that you were supposed to meet. Be sure to follow local building codes.

Tax issues

Adding an extra bedroom to a home doesn't just make room for guests or an additional family member. It also increases the home's value. When you add value to your house, you're not the only one that benefits from it. Many communities will also adjust your property tax upwards based on the new value you created. An increase in property taxes will rarely be enough to make you go broke, but it's something to consider when adding the bedroom.

Practical details

Be sure to consider the small details when adding a room so that you aren't left unsatisfied with the room and forever regret the addition. For example, it's imperative to consider the flow of your house. You might have the space to turn an office on the main floor into a bedroom, but it could leave the floor plan looking segmented and closed off. You may also have the ability to create an extra room upstairs, but is it going to be too taxing on your air conditioning unit by creating uneven cooling and expensive repair bills. These are all critical things to consider.

CFL Renovations is at the ready to answer your questions and be your home remodeling contractor in Orlando. Contact us today!


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