Five Home Remodeling Trends Emerging in 2021

Five Home Remodeling Trends Emerging in 2021

Five Home Remodeling Trends Emerging in 2021

Are you looking to remodel your home in 2021?  Do you want to give your home a fresh update?  When you are planning a home remodeling project, you are likely spending much of your time scrolling through the internet to find inspiration for the project.  From custom kitchen cabinets to bathroom makeovers, our home remodeling contractors in Orlando can take care of it all.  When it comes to inspiration for your project, you'll want to check out these home remodeling trends that are emerging this year.

Work-from-Home Spaces

With the push for remote working in 2020, it is no surprise that many home remodeling projects have been centered on creating more productive work-from-home spaces.  Home offices have become full to the brim with activity, and many people are looking to implement even more creative solutions.   From integrating technology into their workspace to expanding their productive spaces into the remainder of the home, these spaces are on the rise.

Multigenerational Homes

Many people have also been creating homes that offer the ability to host multiple families or multiple generations of people.  This is so that they can care for aging family members or even have an extra space to rent out to make extra money.  Essentially, this renovation project creates two homes under one single roof.  Often times, these projects include converting a level of the home or adding an additional space onto the home so there is plenty of space for everyone.

Eco-friendly Solutions

With the rise in environmentally-conscious movements, many people are also integrating green solutions into their homes.  From using solar panels for energy to using more energy efficient appliances and devices in the home, these solutions are becoming more popular than ever before.

Bathroom Oasis

Gone are the days where our bathrooms are only places to bathe.  Instead, these places have become popular self-care spots in the house.  Renovation projects that involve gutting bathrooms to produce tranquil, tile-covered spaces with large bathtubs and luxurious showers are becoming increasingly popular.  

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Rooms that offer both indoor-outdoor living are also trendy for home renovation projects.  When you are looking to bring some of the outdoors in, you will want to consider taking out walls and introducing slider or retractable doors so that you can let fresh air flow freely into your home.   These spaces provide you with the ability to have a home that is breezy, carefree, and comfortable all at the same time.

These are just a few of the renovation trends that have been making a statement in 2021.  When you renovate your home, you will want to take these trends into consideration, as they may improve your home with the right trends that are attractive and innovative.  As a quality home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we can help you each step of the way.  Contact CFL Renovations to get started with a consultation today.

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