Five Sustainable Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Renovation

Five Sustainable Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Renovation

Five Sustainable Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you looking into what type of material is best use on countertops?  Are you overwhelmed with the choices of materials, styles, and colors?  With the rise of eco-friendly products and awareness, many people are implementing more sustainable solutions into their homes.  This is no exception when it comes to choosing materials for your construction projects, especially for kitchen and bathroom renovations.  When it comes time to renovate your home, you will want to work with our trusted home remodeling contractor in Orlando.  Eco-friendly materials, such as wood, glass, and stone, can also be safer for these spaces.  There are many popular materials that are also considered to be environmentally-friendly and safe for homes.


This popular material for vanity tops and kitchen counters is actually a sustainable and durable surface.  The natural quartz material is also recyclable.  White quartz countertops have become widely popular to either match the elegant and clean design of an all-white space or provide dramatic contrast to darker cabinetry. Whether you are looking to create a bold space with stark contrast or create a unified, polished look, white stone countertops offer a beautiful appearance.  White quartz is actually one of the most popular options on the market today.

Recycled Glass

This material is made from recycled glass, cement, and other non-toxic pigments, this surface offers a terrazzo appearance that is durable, recyclable, and safe for kitchens, bathrooms, and desks.  Many people are choosing this option because of the durability that the recycled glass offers and the unique style choices of the appearance it creates. 

Paper-based Materials

Paper-based countertops may sound like an interesting material to choose as a counter, but they are actually durable options despite the name.  It is created from recycled paper and resin, paper-based countertops offer an affordable and sustainable option that brings a warm touch to any bathroom, office, or kitchen.

Natural Stone

Even though quartz is an incredibly popular countertop trend, many people still prefer the look and aesthetic offered by natural stone countertops.  Granite and marble provide a visual appeal and natural appearance to any space.  One of the drawbacks of choosing natural stone countertops, such as granite and marble, is that these porous surfaces are not stain-resistant.  To provide protection to these areas, it is recommended to seal them twice each year.


Quartzite countertops have also become an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking for a heat-resistant material, unlike quartz itself, which also has unique and bold veining patterns to choose from. 

These are just a few of the sustainable and eco-friendly countertop materials that you can choose for your kitchen remodel.  When you are remodeling your home, you will want to work with the expert home remodeling contractor in Orlando.   Contact us to schedule your design consultation and get started today.

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