Six Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

Six Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

Six Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2021

Kitchen trends in interior design are constantly changing as each year progresses. As individuals and homeowners become more creative, a variety of innovative approaches are introduced. Concurrently, many older techniques are still employed and are viewed as stylish in design trends.  As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we work on many kitchens from start to finish.  These are some of the most popular kitchen renovation trends in the market this year.


Marble, with its timeless elegance and beauty, is a popular material for crafting opulent creations. Marble with visible veining is top-rated among designers and kitchen enthusiasts. It not only adds a sense of high-end luxury, but it also makes a lovely contrast to the other furniture in the room, such as wood, metal-like faucets, and polished surfaces.

Double Layout

Due to their elegant and sumptuous appearance, double islands have always been famous in kitchen designs, and they will continue to be so in the future. Though double layouts are an expensive addition, they are worth considering if your budget allows them. Dual layouts are highly suggested for large, open-plan kitchens and may even be a vital component.

Handless Design

The most recent design trends have revolved around the concept of accessibility and multitasking. With its free-flowing design, handless designs give this convenience and enable all sorts of multitasking. Handless designs in kitchens simplify the overall look, providing a more modern and sleek environment in the area. Furthermore, due to handling designs, much of one's attention moves to high-quality cabinetry elements. As a result, handless designs are trendy for kitchens because of their attractive appeal and low cost.

Walnut Cabinetry

The rich, dark, and elegant tone of walnut cabinetry brings out all the essence of a kitchen. Its beautiful grain and inherent warmth make it a favorite choice among kitchen and furniture designers worldwide. Walnut cabinetry provides a level of elegance and a sense of luxury, making it a popular choice for kitchens these days. It not only has a modern appearance, but it also has a sufficient amount of sophistication and class.

Curated Kitchen

People have started gravitating toward more selected kitchen designs in recent years. The area is thoughtfully created with visual components such as paintings, drawings, and decorations. It also creates a classic masterpiece of a style in a kitchen that makes it a gorgeous focal point. A curated kitchen adds personality, gives it a lived-in look and a more personalized kitchen feel. Curated looks are also effective in instilling reminiscence and peace, so it is safe to assume that it will be among the top kitchen trends of the current era.

New Rustic

New rustic designs bring the countryside or mountain ranges into your kitchen. It is made up of neutral colors and natural components that have a slightly aged or ragged appearance. These stunning kitchens demonstrate that anything – even a natural appearance – can be achieved in a modern space. These are perfect for larger kitchens because a larger room will provide you with a stronger sensation of nature and calm as if you were wandering through a forest.

These are a few kitchen renovation trends to keep in mind as you plan your remodel.  By working with an experienced and reliable home remodeling contractor in Orlando, you can create the home of your dreams – without having to move.  Contact us to start designing your remodeling project today.

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