Six Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Six Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Six Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Bathroom

Have you been contemplating whether it's time for you to renovate your bathroom?  Are you tired of stinky, outdated, and rusty bathroom features?


Have you been noticing that no matter how much you clean, your bathroom still smells strange?  When you can't actually get rid of any odors, it may indicate that the bathroom is ready for a renovation.  Changing out the toilet, sinks, shower, tub, and other features are likely the only way to eradicate the odors from your bathroom.  Although this requires a lot of effort, it will be worthwhile in the end.

Rust or Brown Spots

When your bathroom is constantly exposed to water and moisture, rust can form along the metal fixtures.  Also, brown spots around light fixtures and on ceilings can occur on bathrooms that don't have proper ventilation.  These are issues that you will want to tend to quickly, as they can indicate that your bathroom is a breeding ground for other, more costly issues.

Dysfunctional Layout

Are you tired of being squished when you are using the bathroom?  Does the whole layout seem dysfunctional?  When you have a bathroom layout that just isn't working, you may want to rework the arrangement so that you can get more from the space.  A bathroom renovation is the right way to gut your bathroom and consider a rearrangement that is more practical for your lifestyle.

No Storage

Having a bathroom with a lack of storage solutions can also pose many problems.  You will need to keep many items, supplies, and daily essentials in your bathroom, along with linens and other items.  When you don't have the space for this inside the actual bathroom, you likely find yourself tiptoeing around to get to the stuff you need.  Stop doing this by adding storage solutions and a proper vanity with under-the-sink storage so that you can keep everything you need within an arm's reach.

Poor Lighting and Ventilation

When you have poor lighting in your bathroom, you may struggle to get ready in there.  This will cause you to need furniture in your bedroom so that you can do your hair and makeup each day.  Instead of investing in new furniture, you may want to just keep everything in one space by renovating and fixing the lights.  Also, poor ventilation can cause moisture problems, like mold, mildew, and musty odors, so you will want to get this issue fixed right away.

Outdated Features

Another great reason to renovate your bathroom is when you are tired of looking at all the outdated features.  From ugly tiles to unmatched fixtures, you can swap these items out easily when you are performing your remodel.

These are a few of the signs that indicate it may time for you to consider that bathroom remodel.  Renovating your bathroom can not only improve your quality of life in your home, but it also increases the value of your property.  When you are finally ready to start that bathroom renovation, contact our home remodeling contractor in Orlando today.

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