What You Should Know about Renovating Your Bathroom

What You Should Know about Renovating Your Bathroom

What You Should Know about Renovating Your Bathroom

Are you tired of looking at an outdated bathroom?  Do you have beautiful vision for your bathroom renovation?  When you know it's time for a bathroom renovation, you will likely be eager to get started.  However, you won't want that eagerness to overshadow the planning and preparation for the project.  As a top home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we can work with you to make the best decisions for your project so that you can avoid mistakes and costly errors on your own.   There are a few things you should know before you begin renovating your bathroom.

Lighting Requires Planning

Are you looking to add fancy or luxurious lighting in your bathroom?  Don't wait until the end of the renovation to think about lighting.  Some lighting features will require you to plan ahead to run electric in the walls before the drywall goes up.  This will likely mean that you'll have to plan and acquire the lighting features for your bathroom even before the renovation begins.

Consider Outlet Placement Wisely

When you are planning your bathroom design with your contractor, be sure to consider the placement of electrical outlets.  Consider the functionality of your bathroom, and designate areas that match your lifestyle.  You may want an area to style your hair, shave with an electric razor, or perform other tasks that require plugging in devices.  This is important to consider when designing your bathroom, because you will also want the layout to make its functionality.

Choice of Grout is Important

Grout can make such an impact in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom renovation.  Look at many different types of grout, so that you can better understand the choices that match what you like.  You may even want to do a test by taking a few tiles that you are using, and experiment with the grout of your choice to make sure that you like it.  

Add Built-in Storage Solutions

Consider any storage solutions you can when designing your new bathroom.  This will be beneficial so that you won't need to purchase storage furniture when the renovation is complete, which can save you money.  It will also provide you with a custom design that integrates storage, and this will look more natural, maximize the space, and be a practical solution.

Talk with an Expert

When you work with the experts, you won't miss any detail or consideration that's important.  Set up meetings with a few different contractors so that you can hear a range of opinions and get various price points.  

These are a few things that you need to understand before you embark on a bathroom renovation.  Even though bathrooms may seem like an easy and small project to tackle on your own, they can present many challenges and unforeseen issues once construction begins.  As the top home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we are here to help.  Contact us to schedule your consultation and start your bathroom renovation today.

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