4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

When you are tired of the same old décor that plagues your bathroom, it becomes clear it is time for a new look. If you are curious about costs, it isn't cheap. Depending on the updates you want to make, you could be paying upwards of $15,000. When you work with the right home remodeling contractor in Orlando, you can find ways to save money while still getting the bathroom of your dreams. If you are working on a budget, then you will have to find other ways to save money. Here are some ways you can make the bathroom remodel more budget friendly.

Consider Affordable Alternatives

For starters, tile may be visually attractive, it is expensive and complicated. If you insist on using tile, then only tile the walls or the floor. Sticking to this will cut the costs. Other bathroom features, such as light fixtures, toilet paper holder, soap dishes, cabinets, shelving, and other aspects can be bought second hand from online markets and thrift stores. Always keep your mind open to affordable alternatives.

Decorate Wisely

The bathroom can be one of the more difficult rooms to decorate. If you are the art loving type, be warned that there is excess moisture in bathrooms. Valuable works of art can sustain damage easily in this environment. Paintings, easily warped by steam, should definitely be avoided. Decorative plates, posters, framed photographs, or metal wall art are ideal for budget-friendly décor.

Rearrange The Current Layout

Sometimes all you really need to do with your bathroom is rearrange it. Start by giving it a solid deep clean. This will allow you to find better places for common items. Other ideas for changing the energy in the bathroom is altering your layout with these ideas:

  • Use Storage Baskets- Counter clutter can be condensed into storage baskets. Lotions, toothpaste, creams, and perfumes can all sit neatly in well placed baskets.
  • Utilize The Door- Make sure you don't leave the back of the door bare. Hang towels or your bathrobe there to keep them out of sight
  • Shelving Saves Room- Having shelves installed on a bare wall can increase your storage space without cluttering a tiny space with too much.
  • Use Dividers- Your bathroom drawers can become cluttered, and if you have several people in one bathroom, you need dividers. It will help keep things organized and looking welcoming.

Vanity Projects Change Scenery

If you are just wanting to change the energy in your bathroom, start with sprucing up your vanity. This can mean you repaint the wood, pick out new counters, change the light fixtures, alter the hardware of drawers and doorknobs, or replace it altogether. If you decide that a replacement is necessary, then browse the local market pages for good deals.

When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, trust our home remodeling contractor in Orlando to do the job right while helping you save money during the process. Contact us to start making your vision come to life today.

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