5 Kitchen Renovation Trends You Should Try

5 Kitchen Renovation Trends You Should Try

5 Kitchen Renovation Trends You Should Try

Kitchen remodeling and renovations are becoming increasingly popular. The more time at home people spend, the more they realize the potential of their most frequented room in their house. Many trends for the kitchen seek to improve functionality, others are for simple aesthetics and luxury. As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we work with many homeowners to create the kitchens of their dreams. These are a few current kitchen renovation trends you should consider for your home.

Flexible Lighting

This is a term that has been used in decorating that is only recently becoming recognized as a vital aspect. Flexible lighting, and what it means is lighting that is flexible to your needs. Whether you get under cabinet light strips, adjustable light fixtures, or area lights that draw focus to one section over another. Flexible lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and helps improve the functionality of the space.

Smart Appliances

Technology is everywhere, especially in the kitchen. The appeal of smart appliances has nothing to do with making kitchen activities easier. That is just a perk. With many smart appliances, you are getting a lot of functionality from a larger price tag. You can monitor cook times and progress through apps, going as far as controlling temperatures from the app as well. Smart appliances improve the practicality of the kitchen and are often times appealing to look at.

Walk-In Pantries

Cabinet space can run then, and sometimes the cupboard that you use isn't enough. Having a walk-in pantry installed can eliminate space issues. Also, it can allow you to organize and stock up appropriately. The real appeal of walk-in pantries is that they open your kitchen up more so you can design and decorate it more freely.

Sink Workstations

It didn't take long for the double-basin sink to catch popularity. Now, however, what is starting to appear in kitchens are sink workstations. There are many styles of these workstations but they all offer more convenience to your kitchen sink. Many features found on sink workstations are:

  • Multiple Faucets
  • Dish Racks
  • Cutting Boards
  • Colander
  • Ice Holder

Wood Finishes

While blue and green still holds as the dominate picks for colors in the household, white and wood finish are increasing rapidly in popularity. While the wood finish of your kitchen isn't about functionality, aesthetics is important in your home. You have to be happy with how your home looks. You look at it. So instead of trying to match a theme that you see in a magazine, do a wood finish style. It is a natural look and can match many colors.

The trends in kitchen renovation are constantly shifting and you can expect to see a lot more surface as people find more time and comfort at home. If you are ready to renovate your kitchen, contact our home remodeling contractor in Orlando to get started today!

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