5 Tips for Planning a Successful Renovation

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Renovation

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Renovation

Property owners get excited about home improvement projects. However, sometimes it is hard to fight the temptation to focus entirely on the finished product instead of the essential planning details to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando recommends the following tips for a successful home renovation project.

Know your needs

Before you determine the scope of your renovation project, it is essential to know what you expect from the final project. For example, are you renovating to make more room for your family, make certain areas of your home more inviting, or raise your home’s resell value? It is also vital to understand the condition of your neighborhood. Some renovations may offer a better return on investment than others, and some may be too much of a stretch compared to other properties in your area. Having a solid plan for the future will help you determine the scope of your remodeling project and the value it can offer.

Know your budget

Creating a renovation budget and sticking with it is one of the most crucial elements of planning a remodeling project. It can be helpful to set aside some extra funds for unexpected costs that may come up and fully expect to use them. Keep in mind any additional expenses you may not have considered, like renting a hotel for a night or two to avoid the extra noise or eating out while your kitchen is being remodeled. Sometimes all you need are a few inexpensive updates that will make your house look more expensive than the top-of-the-line complete remodel you have in mind. It is critical to do the needed research and create a realistic budget before beginning any work.

Know your schedule

If you want to have a project complete and ready for a particular holiday or event, make sure to determine your completion date goal and work backward from there. Always plan for a few extra weeks for significant renovations to avoid catastrophe and disappointment in case of unexpected delays.

Know your limitations

Many people love taking on DIY projects because they can include the whole family, offer a sense of accomplishment for a job well done, and are an excellent way to save money. The downside to DIY renovations is that if you do not know what you are doing, it can lead to costly repairs to fix your mistakes when you were trying to save on costs in the first place. Know what elements of a remodeling project you can take on safely and successfully and know which components you need to leave in the hands of professional contractors. Remember that problems like lead paint removal, asbestos removal, and any updates to load-bearing walls are not good DIY projects. Find a remodeling contractor in Orlando to assist you with anything you can’t or shouldn’t do on your own.

Know your logistics

To keep your renovation project within budget and on time, it is essential to make a list of everything you need, from paint rollers to building permits. Keep track of what you have on hand and exactly what you need. Do a little research to see which tools you can rent for cheaper than purchasing, especially if they are items you will not have further use for in the future.

These are just a few tips for successfully planning a remodeling project. Contact us today to speak with a home remodeling contractor in Orlando. We are here for you!


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