5 Ways to Update an Old Bathroom

5 Ways to Update an Old Bathroom

5 Ways to Update an Old Bathroom

You have been staring at the old bathroom in your upstairs hallway for years, but you have never had the budget to make any changes. Once you have finally saved up for a bathroom renovation, you will be eager to start planning a new bathroom and change out that space. As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we have experience working with many bathrooms to update the space and ensure everything is up to code. Your old bathroom may need some electrical changes to ensure you stay safe in your home, and we can handle all of those changes while bringing your vision to life. These are a few ways you can update your old and outdated bathroom.

Change the Toilet

One of the first things you should do is change the toilet. Outdated toilets are not only eyesores, but they are also not energy efficient. They often waste much more water per flush than modern toilets. For this reason alone, your toilet should be the first thing to go.

Tile the Shower

Consider replacing your outdated fiberglass shower or tub combo with a more luxurious and appealing tiled shower. By tiling your shower and adding glass doors, you can immediately upgrade the entire appearance and feel of your bathroom into a spa-like dream. When you are tired of looking at the faded colors of outdated tiles or fiberglass tubs, this upgrade can be extremely beneficial for both your style and your budget.

Choose a New Shade of Paint

A new shade of paint is one of the simplest ways to update the appearance of your bathroom. When you choose the right shade of paint for your room, consider lighter colors that will make your bathroom appear larger and brighter. This space can look much fresher with a new coat of paint, and this job is also extremely affordable.

Install Better Lighting

The light fixtures in your bathroom can also make or break the appearance of the room. You also need bright lighting in your bathroom to brighten up the space and make it functional even on the darkest nights. When you choose the right light fixtures for your bathroom, consider the overall style and feel of your renovation. You may choose fixtures that have darker colored metals to add contrast to lighter colors, or you may choose gold or ornate fixtures that add a traditional element.

Get a New Vanity

You will also likely want to replace the existing vanity with something more stylish and modern. There are many types of vanities on the market that will likely suit your tastes. When you work with a contractor, they will be able to give you advice on what style, size, and shape you can install safely inside your bathroom area.

By making these updates to your outdated bathroom, you can finally enjoy spending time in there each morning and night. If you are finally ready to change out some of the old features of your home, trust our home remodeling contractor in Orlando with your project.

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