Bad Reasons for Home Renovations

Bad Reasons for Home Renovations

Bad Reasons for Home Renovations

Many good reasons exist to plan on a home renovation, from boosting property value to elevating outdated fixtures. But renovations can go wrong, and you may end up with a bad case of renovator's remorse.

Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando recommends you consider these seven reasons to avoid remodeling before taking on any large-scale house projects.

You want to be trendy

If you're fascinated by a trend you've seen on websites and in design publications, you'll likely tire of it within a year. So select only renovation projects with a long-lasting attraction, and preserve the trendy touches for readily altered accents and furnishings. In other words, don't have a contractor to paint your entire house ultra violet, even when it's Pantone's recent color of the year.

You want to own the fanciest home in the community

Though you can boost the value of your house by adding square footage or unique features, you may have a difficult time selling if you over-renovate. Why? Buyers typically don't want to buy a house that costs substantially more than the community average. So instead, assess the cost of comparable houses in the region and aim to enhance your property's worth to within ten percent of that amount.

Your finances are limited

Renovations usually cost more than initially planned, so you should pause until you hold 15 to 20 percent more than your contractor's bid in the bank prior to taking the plunge. Once the project is underway, there's no telling what money-draining spectacles may be lurking behind your walls, from unanticipated pest damage to building code infractions.

Your renovation idea is too customized

Resale worth is less significant in your "forever" home, but if you live in a starter home or someplace in the center, it's a good idea to evaluate what prospective buyers will enjoy. Odd or extreme customization—adding brilliantly colored tiles or vintage appliances, for instance—may lower the worth of your home or make it wither on the market.

It is terrible for the environment

Remodeling can be incredibly wasteful. If you seek a renovation, ponder talking with a LEED advisor to make the task as green as attainable. Donate whatever materials you can to reuse posts like your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

It is not the right season

Regard the season before launching a remodeling task. Winter is an excellent time for indoor renovations if you're interested in saving a few dollars because contractors usually look for work in the off-season. For outdoor undertakings, weather conditions will likely be the determining element. Plan early and confer with your contractor to settle on the perfect timeline.

You want a project with a low ROI

Occasionally it's worth launching projects with a low return on investment, such as adding a bathroom, if it enhances your comfort and your house's livability. But multiple cosmetic changes, like swapping out an excellent set of kitchen cabinets for another probably won't have an increased ROI if you market the house and may not be worth the cost.

Contact our home remodeling contractor today if you decide to move forward with renovations. We are here for you!

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