Five Bathroom Renovation Tips Every Homeowner Should Follow

Five Bathroom Renovation Tips Every Homeowner Should Follow

Five Bathroom Renovation Tips Every Homeowner Should Follow

Have you been wanting to refresh your bathroom? Do you worry that a bathroom renovation will be a large project that is difficult to tackle? Bathroom renovations are often the most popular project that leaves homeowners feeling the most satisfied after the project is complete. However, because of the small area, plumbing, and other intricate details, these projects can often present challenges. As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we have helped with many bathroom remodels. These are a few tips you should follow when you renovate your bathroom.

Consider Logistics

Do you need to fully gut your existing bathroom? Are you prepared to rework any plumbing? When you refresh your bathroom, you may need to move some pipes and rework some of the electrical components in the space. If this occurs, these items may need to happen in a specific timeline to maintain safety on the job site. Be sure to consider the logistics and safety of the job when you are planning your bathroom reno project.

Add Bathroom Ventilation

A bathroom fan or window is essential in preventing moisture buildup. When moisture builds up on the inside of your home, it can cause mold and mildew growth and other larger problems. To prevent these issues, you need to install proper ventilation when you renovate your bathroom. Typically, this will be a bathroom exhaust fan that offers enough exhaust capacity to ventilate your entire space.

Choose the Right Flooring.

There are plenty of flooring choices on the market, and this can make the selection process difficult. However, you want to narrow your selection to flooring materials that can sustain the rigors of consistent bathroom use. These types of floors need to be hardy and water-resistant. Some of the most popular flooring options include ceramic, porcelain tile, and vinyl planks.

Think Carefully about Lighting

Your bathroom lighting matters, as it can make or break your space. When you wash your face and inspect your teeth and body, you need a well-lit room with light fixtures that do not blind you. Many of these lights are fixed to the ceiling or installed as sconces on top or on the side of mirrors. Consider the style and function your space before choosing the right light fixtures for your needs.

Use Paint to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

When you want to make your smaller bathroom seem much bigger in size, choose colors that are lighter in spectrum. Whites, light grays, and beiges are great options when you want your space to appear larger. Avoid darker colors, as these often make spaces feel smaller and more claustrophobic, which is not beneficial to a bathroom space.

By following these tips, your bathroom renovation project can go off without a hitch. When you are ready to renovate your bathroom and want the help of professionals, our home remodeling contractor in Orlando is here.

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