How to Care for your Pets During a Remodel

How to Care for your Pets During a Remodel

How to Care for your Pets During a Remodel

Living through a remodel is a challenge for everybody in your household – even your pets! Even the best-prepared homeowner will discover that having a job site in their home will carry some highs and lows. Trust us, though; it is worth the stress! Now picture what having a noisy house guest does for your beloved pets. As a pet lover, our home remodeling contractor in Orlando has put together a guide to assist you in caring for your pet while your house is under construction.

Make a safe space for your pets.

For the security of your pets and the construction crew, your fur babies must be kept out of the work zones. Place signs on doors informing workers to keep closed: pet inside or something similar. Leaning on the scope of your project and the layout of your house, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Place your pet in a closed room that workers do not require access to daily.
  • Create a safe dog run or catio far from where the workers are.
  • Board your pets at a kennel.
  • Drop your pets off at a local doggy daycare.

Introduce your pets to the laborers.

If your dog stays home while work is occurring at your house, we suggest having a meet and greet with workers for your pets (dogs especially). This will help your pet and your contractors become acquainted with one another, which should lead to less barking and chaos during renovations!

Keep construction areas completely blocked off.

This should go without saying; pets cannot control their curiosity. Therefore, there needs to be more than a sign or yellow tape to keep them from wandering into a work zone, so ensure they are barricaded in a safe area away from laborers or are out of your house entirely. In addition, we suggest investing in some safety gates to add an additional level of security to keep your furry companions safe.

Maintain your regular routines.

As you understand, pets are beasts of habit and thrive on their routines – so maintain that practice as best you can while renovating your residence! Stay on top of their feeding and exercise schedule and do your very best to keep their days as normal as feasible.

Have your pets microchipped.

It always helps to have a backup plan, even if you have every other safety measure in place! For example, be certain your cats and dogs are microchipped and utilize collars with up-to-date tags with your contact information. As pet owners, we recommend this approach for everyday life, but we find it incredibly essential if you will have workers in your house.

Consider dangerous fumes.

Pets are usually more sensitive to fumes than we are, so be sure you are aware of times in the undertaking that may create potentially harmful fumes. If you're unsure, speak with your contractor about it so they can keep you informed.

Use these tips to care for your pets during a home remodeling project. Then call us when you need a home remodeling contractor in Orlando. We are here to help!

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