Kitchen Renovation Tips for Your Forever Home

Kitchen Renovation Tips for Your Forever Home

Kitchen Renovation Tips for Your Forever Home

When it's time to renovate the kitchen in your permanent home, our home remodeling contractor in Orlando can help guarantee you and your family appreciate your renovation for years to come! As we get older, we need to consider design alternatives that deter the need for stooping, reaching, and falling to keep our kitchen space secure and accessible – while still remaining stylish and practical! Our crew will help you create an optimized kitchen for your current and coming demands! If you're considering renovating your kitchen soon, here are some features to consider for your new kitchen:

Establish a pull-out pantry.

Pull-out pantries are lovely because they permit you to see everything at once without shuffling items around and place less strain on your knees and back. They also create ideal spaces to store portable appliances like a blender, IntantPot, a slow cooker, etc.

Position your microwave at or below your counter height.

Whether you own a freestanding or built-in microwave, keeping it counter-height or lower is easier on your back and shoulders. If you prefer not to sacrifice counter space, create an opening for your microwave in a bottom cabinet. Putting a heavy plate below you is more manageable than lifting it over your shoulders. Spills are also less probable when pulling hot food from the microwave at counter height or below.

Create corner cabinets that are accessible.

Corner cabinets offer quite a bit of storage space but can be challenging to access. The bend-reach-lift action can also be hard for individuals with back issues, so have contractors minimize that! When installing corner cabinets, consider an alternative that will decrease the need to bend over or reach and dig for things. A classic Lazy Susan is a reasonable option, but we recommend drawers or shelves you can slide out.

Choose drawers instead of doors.

Drawers eradicate the need to get down on your knees and look into the back of a cabinet to find what you have available. They mean no more emptying a cabinet to access one pot or roasting pan. They make it easy to view all your available kitchen tools at once! What about standard cabinets with slide-outs? If you cannot install full drawers for your lower storage spaces, this is a more reasonable option, but understand you will lose cupboard space and add an action to withdraw an item from the cabinet. Drawers simply make sense.

Keep your sink close to your stove.

We will assist you with the spatial layout of the kitchen, but it's good to have a preliminary idea of where you prefer your essential appliances to go. Plan to place your sink close to your stove. As we get older, it's challenging for our arms and backs to move big pots full of water to and from a cooktop. If spills happen along the way, you have a fall hazard. So, keep the sink close to the stove with a workspace between them.

When you're prepared to begin planning your kitchen renovation, contact our home remodeling contractor in Orlando – we're waiting to serve you. We hope these suggestions help give you ideas for your new kitchen area that you and your household can cherish for years to come!

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