Red Flags: How to Avoid a Bad Home Remodeling Contractor In Orlando

Red Flags: How to Avoid a Bad Home Remodeling Contractor In Orlando

Red Flags: How to Avoid a Bad Home Remodeling Contractor In Orlando

You've been itching to hire a remodeler for some time now. Your restroom could use some work, and you feel you're ready to get it renovated. But as you begin to plan out what might become your new oasis, you wonder, "How do I bypass a bad Orlando remodeler? Would I be capable of spotting a bad contractor if I met one?" If you want to remodel your home, read on to learn how to avoid employing a bad Orlando remodeling contractor.

Always vet possible contractors and don't rely on references alone

It's always a great idea to comprehensively check references, even ones from friends. Eli Owens learned this hard way when he hired an Orlando contractor based on a buddy's reference. According to Owens, he hired an Orlando remodeler after a friend recommended him. His home had been damaged by a severe storm, and he wanted to resolve things quickly.

The contractor promised Owens that the job would be completed fast but never delivered. The suit filed by Owens stated, "The defendant made false declarations when he deliberately claimed that these restorations would be done promptly when, in fact, they were not done promptly, and the defendant never had any intention of getting these concluded promptly. Additionally, when the defendant made these claims, he knew that such claims were false."

Now Owens is left to pay for the damages the contractor might have caused. This is why we suggest thoroughly researching any contractor you're considering working with. This will provide insight into the kind of Orlando remodeler you might be considering and the work you might get. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Don't hire contractors who overpromise

Move on if a contractor offers you a nearly unbelievable assessment of the time and cost. Please don't assume they're a remodeling wizard. If the appraisal they supplied were possible, the other contractors you explored would have offered you something similar. If the estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Verify the address of the home remodeling contractor in Orlando

In most cases, bad contractors don't only overpromise. They'll ask for money upfront. If your contractor can't prove they have a brick-and-mortar establishment yet demands money immediately, don't employ them.

There are many reasons it's always essential to verify all information you have on your prospective contractor. But, as Owen's horrible ordeal reveals, a glowing recommendation is not good enough. You must confirm they have a physical address, have past customers who are satisfied with the outcome, and have authentic images to demonstrate their best work.

Now that you know what red flags to avoid, you can begin the thrilling search for a home remodeling contractor in Orlando.

Keep us in mind as you begin your search. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done every time. In addition, our focus on customer service and client satisfaction allows us to exceed expectations with every job.

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