Seven Hidden Home Renovation Expenses

Seven Hidden Home Renovation Expenses

Seven Hidden Home Renovation Expenses

Even though most homeowners establish a budget before starting a renovation project, the final cost of remodeling can be thousands more than expected. Why? Well, one big offender is that when you tear down walls, you can discover all sorts of unexpected problems, from shoddy repairs by the last owner to unforeseen plumbing and wiring problems—and these are only the tip of the iceberg. Be ready! Our home remodeling contractor in Orlando offers these sneaky home remodeling expenses that you may encounter during your next remodel.

Getting Permits

Homeowners can't just pull out their power tools and begin construction when it comes time for a renovation project. If the job concerns anything outside of surface modifications, you'll likely have to obtain some permits first. Depending on the scope of the renovations, the price of permits can vary from the low hundreds up to thousands of dollars.

Hiring Professionals

Many renovation projects are too significant for a homeowner to attack with a sledgehammer and a few household instruments. For example, if you plan on leveling walls around appliances, extracting cabinets and flooring, or if you're unsure about your wiring and plumbing sites, you'll likely need to hire a professional. Employing a contractor can command hundreds or thousands of dollars, leaning on the scope of the job.

Debris Disposal

Once you've torn everything out, you've got to dispose of your construction debris. However, this job is easier said than done because cities regulate the kinds of waste adequate for curbside disposal. Also, depending on where you live, you'll incur expenses if you require renting a vehicle, renting a trash bin or dumpster, or recruiting a business to clear the debris for you.

Confirming Property Lines

If you plan to pitch a fence, wall, or landscape element near the perimeter of your property, first ensure the land you believe is yours doesn't belong to somebody else. For various reasons, property lines can get confused over time, so if you haven't done a land survey lately, you'll want to request one to guarantee you don't build on your neighbor's lot. This assistance generally costs a couple of hundred dollars.

Bringing Your House Up to Code

If your house hasn't been remodeled in decades, be conscious that building codes have likely changed since the latest upgrade. As a result, you may need to make alterations outside of your original intent to relocate appliances or cut out a basement bedroom—particularly if you're remodeling for resale intentions.

Repairing Water Problems

Keeping your house dry isn't inexpensive. So anticipate uncovering some type of water problem when remodeling, whether it concerns water-sealing your basement, adding sump pumps, repairing leaky gutters, or grading your parcel to keep moisture away from your house's foundation. Also, if you're preparing to add a restroom to your home, get prepared to pay thousands to have your plumbing rerouted.

Pest Damage Remediation

Opening up walls and displaying rafters might uncover deterioration caused by termites, mice, squirrels, and other nuisances. Insects and creatures can find their way in via teeny-tiny spaces and then trek all over a house, so repairing the damage they impose can be anything from aggravation to a several-thousand-dollar jaw-dropper.

These are just some of the hidden home remodeling expenses you might encounter. Contact our home remodeling contractor in Orlando for a free estimate on your upcoming renovations. We are here to help!

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