The Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home.

The Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home.

The Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Home.

When considering the best time to complete home renovation projects, holidays, cost, and weather
 are always critical considerations. Our expert home remodeling contractor in Orlando will present the benefits and drawbacks of each season for home renovations.

There is generally a standard flow to home renovation demands throughout the year. First, remodeling project demands typically start to rise around early spring when the weather improves and the holidays end. Next, demand for remodeling peaks during the summer when the weather is beautiful and school is no longer in session. Finally, this demand tends to continue into the fall. Our experts offer the following information on the best time to plan a home remodeling project and begin construction based on this cycle. Here they break down the benefits and drawbacks of every season and the overall best time to renovate during the year, along with when you should start planning your project.

Fall is the best time for home renovations.

There are several reasons experts believe the best time of year for renovating is during the fall. First, remodeling contractors are not yet dealing with the busiest season, generally between May and July. You have a much better chance of getting your home renovations underway quickly when you set them up for a start date during the fall. Finally, warm weather is required for some home renovation projects, so starting a home addition can pose a risk during the winter months.

If you plan to do a home renovation during the fall, you should get your financing, estimates, and contracts in order during the summer months to be ready for your project when fall begins.

Winter is highly underrated for home remodeling projects.

Winter is an excellent time for home renovations if indoor projects do not require warm weather for completion. Therefore, waiting for the busiest renovation period is unnecessary for indoor remodeling projects. Unfortunately, winter is the least popular time for home remodeling projects because most people plan holiday get-togethers and spend more time indoors, holding their remodeling projects off for other times of the year. However, you can take advantage of the lull in home renovation projects and start your construction during winter. Winter construction will guarantee that your project is completed before most homeowners schedule their renovations.

Benefits and drawbacks by seasons.

To help you decide when you should start your renovations, our experts explain the following benefits and drawbacks by season for you to evaluate based on your preferences and specific project.


Most home remodeling projects happen during the summer season. This popularity is because most people start planning their renovation projects in the spring, and construction begins between June and August.
Benefits- The summer season brings the most ideal weather for remodeling projects involving any work outside the home.
Drawbacks- Planning Renovations during the summer means that your kids are out of school, and renovations could compete with vacation plans. Summer is the most popular season for renovations, so it can be hard to schedule a job, and high humidity levels can easily cause problems with services like painting.
If you are planning a summer renovation project, you should start planning stages during the winter months.


Autumn provides property owners a final chance to begin any outdoor projects before the weather becomes unmanageable. In addition, autumn is a great time for renovations, especially for people who waited until summer to start planning their remodeling projects.
Benefits- Renovation materials may be less costly during lower demand for remodeling. In addition, autumn renovation projects make it easy to have construction completed before the holidays.
Drawbacks- Autumn weather may not be ideal for outdoor projects, depending on your location.
If you plan a fall renovation project, you should start your planning in late spring or early summer.


Winter brings cold weather and holiday busyness, making it the least popular season for renovations. On the other hand, contractors often do not have as many projects lined up, so many property owners consider this a good time for renovating. Winter is perfect to schedule renovation projects indoors when you want extra attention.
Benefits- Fewer people are renovating during this time of year, and it is an excellent time for concrete projects.
Drawbacks- Because this is the least busy season for renovations, many contractors take time off during the holidays, cold weather can cause significant delays, and renovations may interfere with your holiday celebrations.
If you're planning winter remodeling projects, you should start planning in late summer or early fall.


Spring is the peak season for home renovation projects. However, you will likely not get a remodeling date right away if you call a contractor in the spring because they are probably booked already. But, if you can take care of your financing plans and research it the year before, you may be able to plan your spring renovation before everyone else and be one of the first on a contractor's spring renovation schedule.

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