Ways to Prioritize Extensive Remodeling Projects

Ways to Prioritize Extensive Remodeling Projects

Ways to Prioritize Extensive Remodeling Projects

Extensive home renovation projects don't always have to be addressed all at once. Whether completing your entire project at once isn't in your budget or you aren't able to manage that level of upheaval all at once, it's often intelligent to spread extensive projects out over time – this is called phasing. Phasing is when we construct a master plan and then can divide your enormous projects into more manageable chunks.

First things First

Unless you intend to be your own general contractor (ten out of ten not recommended!), now is the time to reach our home remodeling contractor in Orlando to set up an initial meeting. We regard the initial meeting as a joint interview to determine if we will be a suitable fit for you and your household. At this meeting, we will plunge into your concept, examine your budget and plan, and explain what you can anticipate from us. If we determine we are going to work well as a team, we will push forward with constructing your master plan.

Master Plan

When creating your master plan, we consistently consider what things need to be managed and finished first for your comfort. For instance, if you desired all three of your restrooms remodeled, we would prefer to stagger them so you always have one functional restroom open during the project. We also will not want to remodel your kitchen when you need a roof replacement first. We understand that a roof isn't nearly as enjoyable as a kitchen, but it is always a higher priority.

Allow Projects to Pay for Themselves

Many home renovation projects offer an immediate return on investment. It would help if you made those early preferences in a succession of jobs. For instance, if you need to decide between substituting your aged aluminum windows and renovating a bathroom, new energy-efficient windows would be the best option. You will see savings in your energy bills immediately, meaning more money is being set aside for your restroom renovation.

Consider the Future

If you have significant plans for a space, think about how what you're working on currently will influence what's to come. Perhaps you have significant ambitions of having a glamorous outdoor kitchen and living area, but it's not in the budget for a few more years. This year you might focus on designing your yard for the coming build! That may mean moving sewer lines, constructing the patio, or demolishing what is presently in your yard. Again, these are all elements we can assist you with!

Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit

Occasionally smaller, low-cost, and DIY improvements can make an impact fast! New fixtures, paint, wallpaper, and nominal landscape improvements don't cost much, and they create a significant impact while you work on the big picture!

Whether you plan an expansion, remodel, or dream of building an outdoor entertainment area, we firmly believe the faster you call us – the better. We can help you arrange your ideas and offer suggestions you might have never considered before! Either way, our home remodeling contractor in Orlando is here to turn your visions into your reality. Contact us today for more details.

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