4 Home Renovations that Will Be Popular in 2023

4 Home Renovations that Will Be Popular in 2023

4 Home Renovations that Will Be Popular in 2023

Each new year brings new trends in home renovation and home decoration that will leave homeowners eager to make some changes. While these trends are often exciting, you have to find the best solutions for your lifestyle, home, and family. However, keeping up with the trends can always keep your home looking attractive and stylish. As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we work with our clients to make sure their vision comes to life when creating the spaces they desire inside their home.  These are a few home renovation trends that are likely to be on the rise in 2023.

Home Offices

Many people have been working from home, and this trend is expected to continue, if not become more popular. Whether you work from home or have aspirations to own your own business someday, you may find yourself dreaming of a designated office space inside your home. Gone are the days of computer desks in the corner of the living room. Instead, home office trends indicate that people love custom shelving and desks fit into their spaces to create nooks, storage, and style.

Energy Efficiency

With the rise of smart homes, many homeowners want to implement as much energy efficiency and automation into their home as possible. From the update to energy efficient appliances in the kitchen to the use of smart LED lightbulbs, people love knowing that their investments will save time, energy, and money. Smart HVACs, solar panels, and low-flush toilets are also on the rise to decrease the energy output in households.

Multi-Unit Homes

A surprising growing trend this year is the implementation of multi-unit homes. Homes with more than one master en-suite or duplex-style living arrangements allow families to live together under one roof. This means that grandparents, parents, and children can all enjoy their own spaces without having to sacrifice the quality of their accommodation. This allows adult children to take on the role of caring for their elderly parents, and it also allows grandparents to take a more active role in raising their grandchildren while parents work.

Butler’s Pantry

While large kitchen pantries have been a popular upgrade to many homes in the last few years, many people are now making an even more grandiose upgrade to a butler’s pantry. Butler’s pantries allow you to have counterspace inside your pantry, which gives you a place to store those bulky kitchen appliances, like coffee makers and toasters. When you host parties, you can also use this additional space to prep food without leaving any of your kitchen countertops messy for guests to see.

By understanding the trends that are popular each year, you can find what fits your aesthetic, style, and budget. Researching home renovations can be overwhelming but be sure that you work closely with a quality home remodeling contractor in Orlando to discuss what is possible for your vision and budget. Contact CFL Renovations to hear more about our services today.

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