5 Ways to Create a Timeless Kitchen

5 Ways to Create a Timeless Kitchen

5 Ways to Create a Timeless Kitchen

Are you tired of following all of the kitchen trends? Keeping up with trends is often a great way to update your home, but it can also be exhausting to make all those changes within such a short time frame. If you do not enjoy always being in the middle of a new project, you should consider ways to renovate your home to make it more classic and timeless. By creating a classic space, you can simply enjoy the space for years to come without worrying about the latest trends on the market. As a home remodeling contractor in Orlando, we work with many people to create timeless kitchens designed to last decades. These are a few ways that you can create a timeless and classic kitchen.

Choose Cabinetry that Will Not Date

Shaker cabinets are among the most classic and durable cabinets to consider when upgrading your kitchen, as they offer clean lines and a fresh appearance. To create a space that will last many years, you need to avoid woods like mahogany or oak, as these will quickly date your kitchen. Instead, opt for Shaker cabinets or flat-front cabinetry that offers the ageless look.

Mix Old and New

Focus on finding ways to bring the old and new styles into your kitchen design. You should look back a few decades to notice trends that have always stuck around, like hardwood floors or kitchen island additions. By adding the new with the old, you can both create intrigue in your space while also ensuring that your elements, layout, and materials will last many years longer.

Stick with Neutrals

When designing your kitchen and choosing your materials, you should always stick with neutrals. Whites, grays, blacks, and taupe make a beautiful and classic kitchen design that will stand the test of time. If you want to add pops of color later, you can always change out your décor without needing to gut the entire kitchen.

Hide Appliances

When you are upgrading your kitchen, you should consider ways to hide your appliances behind cabinetry. Not only will this give your kitchen a more finished appearance, but it can also allow you to find the latest and greatest appliances as the trends change – without sacrificing the appearance of your classic kitchen. Install cabinet doors that open to reveal your microwave and refrigerator to create that seamless look.

Take Time to Plan

Many people rush when they finally have the budget to create the kitchen of their dreams. However, take time to consider all of your options, look at all of the different materials, and set your budget. This will give you the opportunity to make the best choices for your lifestyle and also not jump on the latest trends. Spend time curating a look and working with experts in kitchen design to learn more about how to create that timeless look that will last.

These are a few ways that you can make sure that the design of your kitchen remodel will not be outdated in a few years. Following the trends can be fun, but it is not always cut out for everyone. Instead, trust the help of our professional home remodeling contractor in Orlando to help you create a new space that will last. Contact CFL Renovations to schedule a consultation with our team today.

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