Bathroom Trends & Remodeling Ideas for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

Bathroom Trends & Remodeling Ideas for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

Bathroom Trends & Remodeling Ideas for a Luxurious Bathing Experience


Your bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. It’s the place where you start and end your day, where you pamper yourself, and where you get ready to take on the world. While functionality is essential in bathroom design, aesthetics is equally important. The good news is that with a little creativity and design know-how, you can transform your outdated bathroom into a luxurious spa-like haven. In this blog, we’ll explore seven bathroom trends and remodeling ideas that will give you the bathroom of your dreams.


1. Natural Materials

One of the biggest trends in bathroom design is incorporating natural materials such as wood, stone, and marble for a warm and inviting feel. From rustic to contemporary, wood paneling can easily be incorporated into any bathroom design for a cozy and inviting look and feel. Meanwhile, marble tiles, sinks, and countertops are the epitome of luxury. If you’re looking to add some natural elements to your bathroom, consider using wood accents, live-edge vanities, or a statement marble tub.

2. Smart Storage

With so many products and accessories needed in a bathroom, storage is essential. Smart storage solutions can help keep all your items neatly organized and within easy reach. Consider installing floating shelves, open cabinetry, or custom-built storage units to accommodate your needs. Adding a medicine cabinet with a built-in mirror can not only provide storage but can also add to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

3. Walk-In Showers

Gone are the days of enclosed showers. A new trend in bathroom designs is incorporating walk-in showers. A walk-in shower not only adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom, it also increases functionality. They are ideal for individuals with mobility issues and are easier to clean than the traditional shower and bathtub combinations. With a combination of glass, stone, and tiles, a walk-in shower can easily become the centerpiece of your bathroom.

4. Technology

Technology has made its way to the bathroom. From smart mirrors to digital shower systems, homeowners can now enjoy the latest in bathroom technology. Even simple upgrades like a built-in sound system or a USB charging outlet can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

5. Lighting

Good lighting can make any room look and feel more luxurious. In the bathroom, it’s crucial to have adequate lighting for grooming and other tasks. Consider installing LED strips or recessed lighting, and experiment with different lighting temperature to create a relaxing ambiance.

6. Color schemes

Bathroom color schemes play an important role in creating a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Neutral tones, such as white, beige, and taupe are always in style. Meanwhile, pastels and soothing shades of blue and green are the newly emerging colors in bathroom design. Adding an accent wall or incorporating colorful accessories, such as towels and rugs, can easily update the look of your bathroom.

7. Greenery

Adding plants can provide many benefits to your bathroom, including air purification and a calming ambiance. Indoor plants, such as ferns, snake plants, and aloe vera, are great options for the bathroom’s humid environment. Adding greenery to your bathroom can also update the look and feel of your space while providing a spa-like experience.



Whether you’re looking to update the look and feel of your bathroom or are considering a complete bathroom renovation, these seven bathroom trends and remodeling ideas can provide inspiration for creating a luxurious and inviting space. By incorporating natural materials, adding smart storage, investing in technology, and lighting, choosing the right color scheme, and adding greenery, you can achieve the bathroom of your dreams that you’ll love to spend time in. With the help of a professional home remodeling contractor in Orlando, FL, like CFL Renovations, you can turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today for free estimates!

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